Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Human Space Program: 20 Projects

When I posed the idea of the Human Space Program in the first edition of The Overview Effect, it seemed to me that it would a good idea to offer a few "starting points" for the program. These items became a list of 20 components or projects that would establish the foundation for the overall program. It's worth noting that these are really intellectual exercises that have little or nothing to do with rocket ships and propulsion.

These are ideas that are concerned with creating the context for an exploration of the universe that will have positive benefits for humanity and the cosmos. They also form the underpinning for a true "philosophy of space exploration," a series of guiding principles that will help us to explore outer space in a positive and life-enhancing way.

The first of these 20 projects is stated as follows:

Analyze in more detail how exploration affects mental  and spiritual evolution. We know that there is an inner space/outer space interface, but we do not know enough about its operation.  Additional research into exploration  and its impact on mental and spiritual  outlook is needed.  What do great religious teachings of Earth say about outer space?

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