Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Human Space Program (Part One)

In each edition of my book,
The Overview Effect: Space Exploration and Human Evolution, I have proposed and discussed the idea that humanity create a Human Space Program, a global commitment to exploring the universe that will constitute a "central project" for our planet and all sentient beings living on it.

Here are the essential features of the program:

The Human Space Program
Purpose: to support humanity's understanding and achievement of its purpose as an active partner in universal  evolution, creating  overview systems that increase conscious awareness  throughout  the universe.
Vision: a universal civilization, a golden age, humanity  taking its rightful place as citizens of the universe.
Long-term goals: establishing planetary, solar, and galactic civilizations as steps to a universal civilization.
Immediate objectives: creating conditions for planetary  peace  and humanity's  migration to the solar system and the stars.
Participants: all human beings and other sentient  species.
Spatial parameters: the universe.

Temporal parameters: the millennium, 2000-3000.

Originally set forth in the first edition in 1987, I also included 20 projects that could be used to jumpstart the program and move it ahead.

In future posts of this blog, I will discuss the vision and purpose of the program in more detail, and then do the same with each of the projects.

(To be continued)

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